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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ted Ginn's TD

Greg Olsen's score was mostly about biding time, but Ted Ginn's TD was schematically perfect.  At the 2, the Panthers setup in formation Jack Right (TE right was Olsen, offset I with Richie Brockel toward strong side and Mike Tolbert deep), with Brandon Lafell left and Ginn right.  The call on first sound was for Ginn to switch to slot inside LaFell (the call is zoom), leaving both WR weakside, Lafell split to Ginn slot).  My best guess on protection is Scat Right.

The routes were the 2 from the TE, the similar 0 from Ginn, and the 4 from LaFell for what becomes Jack Right Slot zoom, Scat Right, 204. Nothing else since the backs are blocking, and the routes are read from Y to X, backward from the normal, since the Y is the single receiver (I dunno, I just read it, I didn't design it).

The Falcons were aligned in a 6-2, or 4-4 depending on how chippy you want to be about the two outside men standing.  Four down linemen, two standing OLB, two ILB. Single high safety, shaded toward Olsen, two CBs on the two WR.

All 8 of the (6-2, 4-4, I don't care, call them 0-8 because it didn't work) box defenders came, actually a bit of a mismatch on the 7 blockers for Carolina. Furthermore, Ryan Kalil and Chris Scott's men ended up getting free.  That leaves a safety on Olsen, and two corners on two WR; pure man coverage, cover 0.

On the back end, the crossing routes of Ginn and Olsen got caught up in the wash and Ginn came free; LaFell was picked up but was the next option and could've made it a catch, too.   Newton had to backpedal for it, then retreat a bit more, to hit an open Ginn.

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