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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

McDermott To Interview

Sean McDermott, defensive coordinator of the Panthers, will interview with the Washington Redskins, presuming they remain named that. Whatever.  Washington Pro Football Team.  Washington [redacted].

McDermott, Carolina DC for three years and Eagles DC for two prior, is 39.  Anyone under 40 with significant success traditionally will get interviews.  It's not undeserved for McDermott, who's called good games this year and helped build one of the league's best defenses.

The Redskins are a dumpster fire, however, and I don't know that GM Bruce Allen is an ideal pairing with McDermott - and owner Daniel Snyder is a whole separate bag of dysfunction.  He's familiar with the area, however, playing at William and Mary, and coaching against the Redskins for essentially his entire pro career.

The interview will apparently happen in Charlotte over the weekend.

McDermott may be interesting for the Chudzinski principle - while it's hard to say how the two got along as coordinators, there's no reason to suggest Chudzinsi wouldn't work for McDermott.  The Browns' staff appears intact so far and there are even rumors that the Browns want another coach to take on the staff, which is interesting if it's not Ray Horton.  But, Chudzinski is available, and that would create a passable offensive situation with Robert Griffin III.

Otherwise, I don't know if McDermott has much to draw from as far as planned assistants, and I've always believed that to be an integral part of an interview.  The prospective coach has to show he knows who he wants to land as assistants, and most of his Eagles compatriots moved on with the Andy Reid departure.

For Carolina, the contingency plan is clear - they brought in DBs coach/Passing Game Coordinator Steve Wilks in 2012, and the defense started tightening up a good bit at that point (with other obvious reasons as well, like having starting level linebackers).  Wilks was reportedly Rivera's initial go-to, and coached with Rivera in previous stops, but couldn't get out of his contract; Wilks was rumored to have been the heir apparent if McDermott, at that point having finished his first year with a basement dwelling defense, didn't start picking up the pace.

So, best of luck to Coach McDermott.  The team is better off if they keep all involved, but if Coach gets a better opportunity I wish him the best.  I don't take that potential departure lightly but I believe the team will survive it if it comes.
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