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Monday, December 30, 2013

Did Fans Play A Factor?

Give credit to Greg Hardy and others that pushed fans to fill the
Georgia Dome.

A one point win on the road was the difference between rest and staying
home, versus having to travel to Philadelphia this week without some key
components. So with enough fans in the dome to audibly hear
"Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuke" on TV, did that matter?


The final important play, with Matt Ryan under shotgun and 25-30 yards
from a potential go-ahead/potential game winning field goal, Ryan
freaked about what appeared to be a two-man blitz coming from the
strongside C gap. That's definitely the catalyst for the Falcons'
failure, but don't discount this - it was kinda loud there. That's not
traditionally something that home teams deal with (though some Carolina
fans don't have the sense to quiet down when Cam Newton has the ball,
especially on some of the big 4th downs this season).

Did that keep Ryan from being heard? Possibly. Clearly, he and the
center weren't on the same page, and I don't know if the center snaps it
if he hears Ryan trying to alert the blitz.

So, maybe, maybe not. Nice luxury, though. From here on you can't
count on that type stuff, but anything you can get, gets you further.
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