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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Fall of Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler

I don't doubt that the Packers will carry on. The Bears, likewise,
will keep it moving.

But injuries to both teams' quarterbacks can't hurt Carolina.

They don't play either team, but they'll still compete against both -
it's way too early to worry about the playoffs, honestly, and I have
fears that more people will be wondering "what happened" after San
Francisco than they will be what the other potential 5-6 seeds will have

But, the NFC North has 3 different 5-3 teams, and two of them are the
above - teams without their starting QBs.

Carolina is 5-3 - suddenly a game back from New Orleans, which is
honestly looking like a better team than Carolina. Same for the top two
teams in the NFC West- both San Francisco and Seattle are likely to be
in the playoffs, which leaves the remaining wild card spot to go between
the two NFCN teams that don't win the division, and Carolina (as of
right now). I don't worry about whoever loses the East - I can't see
both the Cowboys and Eagles catching fire suddenly.

So, one or two of those NFCN teams dropping anchor wouldn't be the
worst in the world for Carolina. But there's so much football to be
played before that really matters.
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