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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

TD - NFC Defensive Player for November

Thomas Davis was named defensive player of the month for November.

Including a single game-high 17 tackles against New England, Davis had
35 tackles for the month, along with a sack, a pick, two defensed passes
and a forced fumble.

Davis, unlikely to make the Pro Bowl because of the odd league rules
(3-4 guys get it because of sacks, the game plays only a 4-3 and doesn't
allow blitzing - and most of those 3-4 OLB would end up playing end if
their teams used that system), is playing lights out right now, and it's
a shame he won't be properly recognized (I believe the only OLB Pro Bowl
bids Carolina has had were 3-4 guys, and Jon Beason being slotted there
after playing half a year at OLB).

With an eye to the upcoming game, to show how Tampa has bounced back
since week 9, Mike Glennon was named Offensive Rookie of the Month, and
Lavonte David was named NFC defensive player of the week. Tampa has won
4 straight.

Broncos signed Sione Fua, for what that's worth. Fua, whether you were
in his corner or not, wasn't going to be winning any of the above
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