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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Panthers Guard Fua's Future

Sorry for the puns.

You know why? Because I'm baffled. 5th DT Sione Fua is now a guard.

It's not a secret Carolina's had RG problems. It was my key concern in
training camp, and now Carolina has cycled through a total of 11 players
at the position, including former DL compatriot Nate Chandler. That 11
players is a full 20.7% of an active roster, if extrapolated out.

So, if Fua plays, he'll have been the second DL turned OL in the year
(which has to be a modern day NFL record of some sort) to go with two
free agent signings after the start of the season (Travelle Wharton and
Chris Scott, the somewhat-stable starting duo before Scott and Jeff
Byers got hurt almost at the same time.

Ron Rivera notes Fua's "good footwork". His combine numbers boast of
allright trap times without high end speed, which is typical, and 30
reps of 225 in the bench, which would be more than adequate for the new

The former 97th overall pick in the 2011 draft was cut at the end of
camp 2013 after being the 5th best DT; they brought him back a couple
weeks later and now he's not playing the same position. I don't know if
that's what the team had in mind when they used Julius Peppers'
compensatory pick on him; he looked to have a nice future as a starter
at NT, but a bad 2011 turned to a worse 2012 and Carolina started over
at DT.

That pushed Chandler over in camp; now Fua joins him. I didn't see
that one coming.
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