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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ginn Homecoming Provides Opportunity

Ted Ginn's story is far from tragic.

Some might argue comic - plenty enjoyed the schadenfreude of Cam
Cameron drafting Ginn too early, and then defending it by talking about
getting "the whole Ginn family" to defend it in front of booing fans.
Which none of that had to do with Ted himself.

Bouncing around, Ginn had some decent years, good enough to say he was
a productive player, and an allright #2, #3 receiver and returner. But
when you're drafted #9 overall, when your team chooses not to draft a QB
for you, expectations are more Andre Johnson and less Devin Hester.

Carolina got Ginn at a song because they wanted him to be a receiver.
San Francisco, who famously had receiver issues and continued to
struggle there despite trading in two guys and out one over the last
year, chose not to have him be a receiver anymore.

He has ability. He has height, speed, a solid catching radius. I
don't know why he wasn't a star, but I didn't think he was a top 15
talent, either.

Still, Ginn has entered the upswing phase of his career - and honestly,
for a guy drafted in 2007, it's kinda late for that. But he's been a
good contributor offensively for Carolina. 3 receiving TDs, 17 yards
per catch on a team that's struggled a bit to make plays offensively.

And those things could combine to give Ginn a big day.

Ginn has no reason to be sore at Miami - assumedly, they treated him
well, and when they were done with him they didn't cut his big contract,
they traded him. Ginn should be set for life, though most of us would
also be set for life on the $750,000 he'll make this year.

Attack downfield a bit more, maybe throw a reverse his way (Carolina
only has three rushes from the receiver spot). Miami's 19th in pass
yards defensively so there's room to make a few things happen.

But I hope they play on Ginn's time in Miami and help feed into the
redemption story.
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