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Monday, November 25, 2013

Flex Game Doesn't Help

It's nice to think that the Carolina-New Orleans game in two weeks is
important enough to 'flex' out to prime time. It's hard to complain
that your team is part of something successful enough it needs more

But I'm gonna complain anyway.

New Orleans comes off a Monday Night game against Seattle - where
they'll definitely get beaten up, whether they win or lose. It was a
decided advantage for Carolina to see them face a top team and then get
them on a short week, but that week just got a little longer. Is it
only 7 hours? Absolutely, but it's still a help to the Saints.

And since it's an away game, it definitely makes it more 'special' for
the Saints to have the prime time game, when they already have the home

It's a complaint that borders on the irrelevant at best, but you never
know. These wins or losses aren't getting less important. The
Superdome isn't exactly quiet most of the time, this was already a big
game. Now it's even bigger.
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