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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Defensive Rankings: Out The Window

Tenatively, Carolina appears to have dropped to third in yards
defensively, while moving up to 1st in points.

They moved up to 5th in passing yards, 3rd in TDs.

But, wins matter more, and Carolina's getting those.

With that said, the second half defense is concerning. With Charles
Johnson nursing what's reportedly a sprained MCL (pending an MRI) that
might keep him out a game or two, Carolina's gotta do some growing up on
the DL. The upcoming game against Miami has some somewhat famous OL
problems right now, so maybe more players will emerge.

But, even with that said, tackling wasn't good in the first half, and
atrocious in the second half. For every run stuff or two-yard creaming
of Danny Amendola was a set of missed tackles on the same type play,
defenders bouncing off guys who shouldn't be that elusive.

It's time to clean that up. It was a good win, but a rare moment when
the defense was starting let the offense down. Even Luke Kuechly (12
unofficial tackles) and Thomas Davis (a whopping 17) were in on the act.
They just didn't tackle well.

They weren't up to a top five rating. And they have too much at stake
to be run on by a team like the Pats. Time to tighten that up.
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