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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Defense: Historic

Carolina's defense was tremendous against San Francisco, but that's
nothing new. Here's, historically, the Panthers' scoring defense
against the best in modern NFL history:

1985 Bears: 124
1986 Bears: 117
2000 Ravens: 98
2002 Bucs: 109
2013 Chiefs: 111
2013 Panthers: 115

So, they're 2nd in scoring for the year, but nonetheless among the
all-time elite at this point in team history.

Even more chafing are that the two teams that Carolina gave up 20+
points to?

Buffalo (24th in scoring offense), Arizona (22nd scoring offense, 27th
in yards). Of course, both were losses, which is what really matters,
but it's also a spot in which the defense slipped up against teams that
don't play that good of offense. So, in some form, they could've been
better based on those two games.

They're going to need to be good again this week, there's no doubt of
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