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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dan Connor Returns

Dropping a former third in DT/OT Sione Fua this week, Carolina finally
announced who they were adding to the team - another former third, Dan

The stand-in former MLB, Connor got the team through some injuries as a
starter, finishing strong in John Fox's last defense but never
completely fitting in at MLB under Ron Rivera when needed. Now, he's
back in another Rivera defense as a backup.

Connor, who thrived for a game at strongside LB in 2009 before doing an
excellent early-season 2010 job at MLB, had to reprise the role for Jon
Beason for 2011, with mixed results. The team didn't note anything
about returning Connor, but unless Chase Blackburn's injury becomes much
greater, it's expected he or rookie AJ Klein would be the 3rd starter
and the rest would play special teams.
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