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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cam Wake Fined; Wallace Catch Wasn't A Catch

Cameron Wake was fined $15750 for that opening-play hit against Cam Newton.  No flag was thrown, but Wake definitely hit Newton helmet to helmet.


In an officiating video distributed to the media, Blandino admitted that a 57-yard catch by Mike Wallace against the Panthers, which was ruled a catch on the field and stayed a catch even after the Panthers challenged, should have been ruled incomplete.
“The ball comes loose when he hits the ground,” Blandino said. “This is an incomplete pass. We didn’t rule it this way, and again, we’ve got to work and strive to be more consistent with our game officials to make sure they understand this.”

So while Carolina can't get that play back, don't guess it matters right now.  It didn't affect the game to the point of losing, and overall that was most of what Miami had - a couple of deep chucks to an ill-fiitted receiver (and a first half lead whose catalyst was an illegal hit). 

But, Carolina can't afford to pull off any more lazy halves.  That's not this team anyway. 

To that end, it looks like the safeties are "safe" - and Quintin Mikell remains the starter at SS but I continue to see liberal amounts of Robert Lester - but the corners might get a shake-up.   Melvin White had, up to the Pats' game, a very low QB Rating against him, but has struggled a bit in the last two weeks; Captain Munnerlyn was the goat on the Wallace play above.  

The other options include Josh Thomas, who was the starter at the beginning of the year and an excellent tackler, but who got benched with his own deep ball issues; and vet Drayton Florence, a preseason starter who came on again midseason after a cut at the end of camp.  Josh Norman isn't considered a candidate, considered still raw and still too likely to play outside the system.  

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