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Friday, October 11, 2013

Robert Lester is a Godsend

I don't actually believe that God, or to be politically correct
whatever form of deity you do or don't believe in, cares what happens in
a football game or on a roster, so take the title loosely.

But how much of a gift has Robert Lester been?

Sure, it's maybe a little harder to be completely surprised that a Nick
Saban defensive back can play in the NFL, but lately some of these
Alabama players I've been enamored with, haven't done an incredible
amount in the NFL, either. Lester was undrafted out of Alabama, which
almost takes effort when you have three (!) national championship rings
and you started for two of them.

Lester is, by far, not perfect, and who knows if his potentially
topped-out frame or other concerns about his draft status will ever be
totally overcome. But for a team that, let's be honest, kinda
neglected safety, to pull an undrafted off the pile - and for that kid
to potentially be a longterm starter? That's pretty lucky, or good
karma, or fate, or a blessing, or whatever, nonetheless. I think
people that believe the black cat curse and that type nonsense, overlook
the good things like this that happen (or the small miracle of there not
being more catastrophic head injuries).

So the truth is, just by having not missed tackles so far, and having 2
INT and a FF, Robert Lester is a massive statistical upgrade. Hope it
keeps up, we need a scrappy guy like that back there. If it ends up
that he's not that good, but he can be Haruki Nakamura in a larger
frame, I'll honestly take that, too.
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