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Thursday, October 24, 2013

More Gameplanning V/s Tampa Bay - Thursday Night

Bill Sheridan won't let anyone in the building still - but I'm still
working on this game. Call me crazy, I like this stuff.

I remain worried about Carolina's O v/s Tampa's D, more than I should
be versus a defense that's had some struggles. I think it's hilarious,
for instance, that there were fans that took Bill Sheridan up on his
(kinda douche-laden) offer for their help gameplanning.

It's not that Tampa doesn't have its weaknesses. This isn't Seattle,
and I keep referencing Seattle. But there's no doubt that I have
worries about throwing against this secondary and running against this

So schematically, the first thing I can think? Spread. Coming out in
3 WR and potentially splitting TE Greg Olsen wide as well, takes a LB
off the field. It might limit whether SS Mark Barron is as stacked to
the line as he usually is, and it makes the blitzes more obvious. It
does leave less room for error with those blitzes, as a downside, but
that might also give Cam Newton more room to run.

I take solace in the obvious fact that Newton has had time to take what
the defense is giving. He was good at that last year toward the end,
and it's nice to see it's happening earlier this year - so hopefully he
would know better than to target Revis much (or Goldson deep). You can
pick on Barron to a point in the deeper field, and you can definitely
take on the non-Revis corners, so there's obviously room to get open.

Tampa's a mess. I feel like this should be easy. I hope it will be
easy, and I hope we can count on two easy wins. It probably won't be
long until Schiano loses the remainder of his team and they have to
hopelessly trudge through the season. But until Carolina gets a good
lead, I'm not going to feel great about this one.

I did have one other thing to add - schematically, the Bucs are the
Giants. I'd said that in past Bucs matchup articles, but not this
week's. DC Bill Sheridan and OC Mike Sullivan are both former Coughlin
guys. The personnel is different, and no two coordinators call
everything just alike but the Giants game was Carolina's biggest win in
years. That trends well for Carolina, naturally.
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