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Monday, October 21, 2013

McDermott on Rams, Kuechly

I guess Carolina made the right call on Star Lotulelei and Kawann Short, else the Rams would've given the league tape on how to beat the Panthers - put bodies on Luke Kuechly, per defensive coordinator Sean McDermott.

I know it seems obvious to try to put a blocker on what you may suggest is Carolina's best defensive player - and some believe, best player teamwide - but it's not always so easy with a linebacker.  See, there are guys in front of him you have to deal with first.

The Rams weren't as worried about that, of course.  Including the Harvey Dahl personal foul (the first one, since that needs an odd level of clarification you wouldn't normally expect), the Rams put a lineman on Kuechly on most plays, even at the expense of blocking defensive tackles.  Hence, a total of four tackles for loss and 9 total tackles for the rookie pair, and a sack and 2 tackles for vet Colin Cole.

So, you can hit Kuechly early and often.  Might even work.  But Carolina's proven they'll still make you pay.
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