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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Coaching Retraction; Silatolu Out

Turns out that no one from USC has reportedly contacted Tony Dungy or
anyone else, which is hilarious. I do still believe in Carolina looking
in that direction, even if they won't (shout out to all the Perry Fewell
fans out there). If it were up to me, again, I'd probably prefer an
experienced college coach who has experience with the read option and
who meshes well with Cam Newton - if you anticipate him being the QB
going forward, of course.

I do - I think Newton remains a somewhat special talent. I think that
they'd get less in return for him than the cost of going after another
player, from a fiscal standpoint, and it seems like Carolina's all-in on
him. But it's about time to make that decision one way or another,
isn't it? It's about contract time, and it's probably about time for
new coaching unfortunately. So you have to make those decisions
concurrently - pick a guy who fits with Newton if you're keeping him.

Amini Silatolu is done for the year, because heartbreaking losses seem
to come with big personnel losses lately. Silatolu, who again struggled
in preseason, was surging during the season, showing a lot of growth.
He's the third G to be lost to injury already this year, in what wasn't
a stocked position anyway. Travelle Wharton is expected to be the
starter for the rest of the season, and Chris Scott will be at RG. Both
have had a few struggles, and it won't get much better from here. I
wonder if Geoff Hangartner is in shape right now?
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