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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Armanti Gone; His, Silatolu's Replacements

Armanti Edwards was cut yesterday afternoon; let's not eulogize him.
He was a fanastic college QB and he was a failure as a pro, so far. He
was an interesting idea and three different pretty good WRs coaches
couldn't make much of him. I didn't care pre-draft that he went to ASU,
and I still don't. Maybe in a perfect world, Edwards would've come into
the league in 2012 and had a shot as a developmental QB, but I didn't
think of him as an exceptional QB at this level even with the read

So with that, and Amini Silatolu's ACL pushing him to IR, the team's
added two new guys to fill the hole.

Silatolu's replacement is center Brian Folkerts, who bounced in and out
of the active roster so far this year and was with the Saints for a few
moments in his rookie year of 2012.

Edwards' replacement is Marvin McNutt, who was on the Dolphins'
practice squad so far this year, and the Eagles' PS in 2012 after being
drafted in the 6th round (Iowa, where he was the team's all-time
reception TD leader). The 6'3 receiver does add more size to the
roster, if that's what they were going for. Being the team's 5th WR,
however, he may not be active much.

There may be an additional factor to him being the big WR on staff.
Domenik Hixon, who has played sparingly at best, took a pretty complex
deal to come to Carolina - it's a one year deal (so no bonus proration
is involved), with per-game roster bonuses. So, if things don't go well
for Carolina, they may very well just cut Hixon and save the per-game
money. It's not an inconsequential amount, either, I think a couple
million total are tied up in Hixon playing for Carolina the full season.
I have to imagine that was part of the process for Jon Beason as well.

So, since Hixon's time could be short, but he's more useful than
Edwards, it becomes a situation of whether McNutt could provide an ample
approximation of what Hixon is doing (which currently is sadly very
little) at a much lower cost. If the team wanted, it could then pick
Edwards, or any receiver without Edwards' failed-trade baggage, back
onto the roster.

The team also threw Ben Jacobs back to the practice squad (Jacobs was a
one-game replacement for Jon Beason) and added another LB to the squad -
former Patriot Jeff Tarpinian.

None of the moves are going to stop the bleeding. You could suggest
that dropping Edwards provides some level of notice, absolutely. I
don't know if 1-3 isn't also enough motivation to be better; and if it
isn't, look for more roster moves.
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