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Thursday, October 3, 2013


I just have a couple quick free-form thoughts for the Arizona game.  They're all pretty obvious - once again real life takes the focus, and that's working out just fine, celebrating my anniversary and birthday at Savannah Oktoberfest.

Carson Palmer is no longer that efficient a QB.  He's at the end of his career, holds the ball too long, and he's not mobile.  Obviously, that bears out where a good rush will help - if Greg Hardy and Dwan Edwards are able to contribute.

Does it matter, though?  Star Lotulelei, Charles Johnson, and Kawann Short might be enough against a porous AZ line that somehow might've gotten even worse without Levi Brown, traded this week.

So, double Larry Fitzgerald, try to keep the ball away from Patrick Peterson, and try to win.

Plus, Bruce Arians is a boob who profited on emotional outpours for Chuck Pagano.  Bruce doesn't run that great of an offense and he's said hilariously limiting things like "we use our backs to run, not to catch." 10-4, Bruce.   That guy getting coach of the year is a travesty.

Hopefully, this is a winnable game.  One that has its obvious challenges but shouldn't be remarkably difficult - either continuing a positive slide of games, or at least giving us all a moment of hope so that we can renew thoughts that this season isn't already a waste.
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