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Sunday, September 22, 2013

v/s Giants

This is a tough one - 0-2, and facing an 0-2 team that should be better than they are, with the emotional issues of Tom Coughlin's brother's passing.

Carolina's likely to start two guys in an already junky secondary that weren't on the roster last week.  And Carolina gave up a billion yards to Eli Manning last time - without the complement of receivers he's got this time.  I can't find a way that this already depleted secondary can get better, so I can't find a way this defense can make the offense look respectable.   That's a combination for disaster.

So, Carolina can stop the run, with that already being the Giants' weakness; so they'll just pass more.  The only hope?  A Giants team that passes it to enough success to want to run the game out, and then loses its rhythm.  

Luckily, for the Panthers' offense, the Giants' defense is awful.  It'll never not make me want to erupt at anyone who (un-ironically) pushes Perry Fewell as the next coach.  Awesome - he's from Gastonia.  So?  He was a pretty decent replacement coach once upon a time, but shouldn't he have had a good statistical year other than the one directly adjacent to Steve Spagnuolo's last year?

You could say Carolina has some inside knowledge, with Domenik Hixon on board, with former Giant assistant Al Holcomb here, and with pro personnel guy Dave Gettleman now running this ship.  Will it be enough?   I don't think it will.

Meanwhile, a family birthday celebration will take me from the game tomorrow.  I'll watch it, but hopefully it's not begrudgingly.  That takes any interest out of doing matchups - I don't think the Giants' OL is that good anymore, to throw a tidbit out there - so, there won't be anything like that this week.  I don't need to tell you that Hakeem Nicks versus Josh Norman won't work out well.
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