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Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Official 53

This is subject to change - you never know what might happen if the team chooses to pickup someone else - but as of now, here's the team's 53-man roster.

QB Clausen, Anderson

Keeping two just makes more sense.  The team has Armanti Edwards if it needs, but that's a bit of a luxury as well.


Williams, Barner, Smith; Tolbert, Brockel

Armond Smith almost kicked himself out of a job, but elite special teams play saved him (who else have you ever seen come that close to scoring a safety and a rush TD in the same game?).  He probably won't play much RB, with Tolbert being the primary backup and Barner being a guy they'll want to do special plays with.


Olsen, Hartsock, Williams

It looks like the team lucked into a player with Williams, and it'd be great if he contributes on special teams as well.   Brockel is a swing player that will play here as well.


Smith, Lafell, Hixon, Ginn, Edwards

They didn't keep the 6th guy, but this is a pretty solid 5.  It's possible Edwards still won't dress.


Gross, Wharton, Kalil, Williams, Bell; Silatolu, Byers, Scott, Folkerts, Chandler

Three centers. Ten total linemen.  I don't know if all will stand, and Folkerts would likely be the first to go, once Silatolu and Byers are both healthy.  But, Chandler and Scott both showed something in the last couple of games.   In this scenario, Carolina has built it in where the starting guards can slide out to tackle as needed, so the remaining depth that would get a jersey would have to play guard or center.  That's why Folkerts probably gets a jersey but might not be on the roster by the bye week.

Johnson, Hardy, Alexander, Addison, Horton

This top four was with the team last year, but Horton apparently showed enough to stick, too.  The undrafted brought top pressure at times in preseason.

Edwards, Lotulelei, Short, Cole
Just keeping the top 4.  I wasn't sure if Fua might actually overtake Cole, who remains somewhat stout at the point of attack but didn't have a lot of quickness.

Kuechly, Beason, Davis, Klein, Blackburn, Senn

I'll be honest, it's rare for a team to keep only a two-deep at LB, where I've seen 4-3 teams keep 8 guys before.  This is pretty deep and versatile for 6 guys, however.

Munnerlyn, Norman, Thomas, Moore, Dockery, White

Melvin White makes it as the other UDFA to get rostered.  Munnerlyn is the only incumbent and the only clear starter; does Norman, who made tons of plays in preseason, start?  Or does Norman?

Godfrey, Mitchell, Nakamura, Jones
They go long on CB to parse S; another spot where you often get an extra guy for special teams, this spot got shorted just as LB did.  I don't know if Colin Jones did enough to prove he could play FS with that late surge, but it couldn't have hurt.

Gano, Nortman, Jansen

No surprises here.

*each side gets 25, interesting.  I had an overload on offense in mine, but I admit that the balance didn't come at the spots I expected.

I gotta wonder where the special teams players come from.  They lose one at S, LB, so the backup RB will all have to play roles.

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