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Monday, September 2, 2013

Practice Squad

Carolina quickly worked toward getting their own cuts signed to their
practice squad, as somewhat expected.

DB Robert Lester, who came into camp fairly heralded but never showed
enough to stick, leads the list. RB Tauren Poole, who had been playing
ahead of Armond Smith (who remains on the active roster), was added as

The team kept 2 WR on practice squad as well, James Shaw and Brenton

Despite already carrying 5 DE, they added Craig Roh to the squad, along
with DT Casey Walker. Ben Jacobs, one of the last standing at LB, made
the list as well.

The team has one spot left, likely for a quarterback (and the team only
kept 2, neither of which I'd expect them to use for scout team duty).

Over the last two years, Carolina has dipped into the practice squad
significantly for midseason replacement players. It's not inconceivable
that these players might see active roster time, and it's not an
unreasonable expectation that most of them would be in camp next year.

The only change you may expect early?

With only one DB on the roster (and the team keeping 6 CBs right now),
that might be an early place to drop a player down to the practice
squad. As well, Brian Folkerts doesn't seem destined to stay on the
active roster for very long, and I imagine once Jeff Byers and Amini
Silatolu are ready to go, he'll be bumped down (which again pushes a guy
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