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Monday, September 2, 2013

Getting To Know Quintin Mikell

New SS Quintin Mikell isn't the largest guy out there - but the 5'10,
205 lb vet packs a punch. The undrafted (2003) Boise St star worked his
way to a Pro Bowl appearance in 2009, and has been an All-Pro twice
('08, '10).

While he's got experience in the deep half of the field (having shared
the field with Brian Dawkins), Mikell excels in the short end, racking
up tackles, playing man coverage (or the under man in the Cover 1 Robber
scheme that puts two zone guys in the middle of the field). He's often
at his best when the team is blitzing - his man coverage is solid, and
his blitzing is top notch as well. He scored 3 sacks last year, giving
him 8 sacks for his career; had him with a total
of 14 sacks/hits/pressures, leading his position. They graded him 5th
overall at safety.

The punishing hitter is a solid tackler, notching 636 'official'
tackles in ten seasons, and 14 forced fumbles (4 last year).

The shortest explanation? He's Mike Mitchell with more brains and a
little less speed. This defense definitely puts an emphasis on one
safety being deep and the other short; when Charles Godfrey was a
full-time SS for the team in 2011, he played short 83% of the time.

Mikell is definitely an ugprade, can't wait to see him on the field.
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