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Sunday, September 1, 2013


Got to see cuts as they were starting to happen, but wasn't certain how it would end as I headed out for the rest of the day.  None of this is 'news' so I'll dig into the analysis.

First the fine print - Waived/IR means that the player goes through waivers and, if he clears, ends up on IR. There's a new but rarely used rule about being able to activate a guy from IR, but I don't see it happening.

The following fall under that category:

*Jimmy Clausen
This would be a tough one if it hadn't been in the works for three years.  Clausen never got a shot to develop, but as a 4th year he doesn't look comfortable.  Is he accurate?  Yeah.  Is he smart?  Sure. But he doesn't look at home in a pocket sometimes, and while he's a good athlete, he's not big enough or fast enough to pull off what the young guys do with that now.  Technically, he's waived/IR, but has no contract for next year.

*David Gettis
Another bit of the 2010 draft goes bust.  Gettis' injury just set him back too late.  It's a shame, he had size and speed and looked like he was coming around.  Another guy who doesn't have a contract next year.
That draft, as painful as that O was, you could convince yourself that Clausen and the three WR would grow together, like college recruits.  Of course, the pre-planned obsolescence of John Fox getting the boot seemed ready to ruin that in advance.

*Anderson Russell
Technically, Russell was with the team for a moment late in '12.  He was a little aggressive and had a couple of penalties, but was a solid S and a very good special teams player.  Probably gets an invite for next year.

*DJ Campbell
Ron Rivera loves him, but does that matter for next year?

The vets aren't waived, since they have time under their belts, and that's where the next surprise comes:
*Drayton Florence
A starter throughout preseason, Florence was big and physical, but just didn't play that well.

*Jason Williams
The remainder on the '10 trade of Chris Harris was only a special teamer, though he played allright at WLB in the first couple of games.  Problem is, the team carries 5 good LB and special teamer Jordan Senn.  So the 7th guy better be someone that you either need to stash, or that's not expensive.  A guy with over five years' experience is too expensive to be the 7th LB.

*Patrick Brown
This tackle wasn't good, and by year 3 you need to be better than that.

The remainder were young guys, waived and claimable by other teams, but I wouldn't wait around for it.

*WR Brenton Bersin, T Garrett Chisolm, TE Dominique Curry, DT Sione Fua, G Hayworth Hicks, LB Doug Hogue, WR Taulib Ikharo, G Tori Mobley, TE Zack Pianalto, RB Tauren Poole, DE Craig Roh, WR James Shaw, DT Casey Walker

Of that group, Shaw or Bersin might make sense on the practice squad.  Roh would make sense if the team weren't keeping 5 DEs (more on that in another post).  Hicks might be on there, though it'd be smarter to find a fresh set of linemen to develop.

The team can start assembling a practice squad once these players clear waivers.

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