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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Look Ahead - Campbell injury-released

DJ Campbell was released from IR with a settlement. Previously, Joe
Adams and David Gettis had been as well; while it's possible that none
have long term consequences, it's interesting that both spots have a
lack of future.

At S, Carolina only had Charles Godfrey next year. Godfrey (who played
lights out last week in my opinion, definitely cleaning up what looked
to be poor tackling in the past) is cuttable - I see 3 million total in
dead signing bonus (any bonus prorated past '14), versus a $5 million
salary (and $100,000 bonus). But, for right now, it would also be
difficult to find improvement for the remainder.

WR isn't a massive concern - Gettis was on his last year and Adams had
not shown anything past being a returner to this point. So it's not as
if the future was fantastic with those two as it was. But, past those,
and pending Kealoha Pilares being on IR for now - unless he's been
injury settled,

Corner looks a little more rosy - but not by a lot. Norman and Thomas
- the Joshes - are under contract, as is Melvin White. It remains early
to say that's actually a good thing, but not a lot of change has
happened here, with the veterans all being on one year deals.

It's still remarkably early to keep an eye on 2014 - though, if that's
something that people are interested in, I constantly keep an eye on the
next year, win or lose, so I'll be happy to talk about any of that.
Shout at me if that's the case.
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