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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wharton In: Others Out

I've been happily ignoring the weekends while I can, so pardon the late response to the cuts.

I'm shook out of that by Carolina signing Travelle Wharton, so I'll also address the cuts.

Wharton, apparently, was offered the vet minimum earlier this past month; that's a salary of (I believe) $900,000 or so with a minimal signing bonus, but a cap hit that's more in the range of $650,000.  Didn't look it up - as that's not what Wharton will make.   Having ably waited Carolina out, his one year deal likely exceeds $1 million.

And he got to skip camp.

With Amini Silatolu going down with a hamstring injury, and rookie Ed Kugbila having barely practiced because of one, Wharton is crucial depth.  As of yet, it's hard to say that he's going to be starting, or plugged in here or there, but it's a necessary step toward saving Cam Newton's hide and improving the offense.  So far, the hope of a better OL hasn't come around.

As well, Carolina made some cuts following the Ravens game.

QB Colby Cameron and P Jordan Gay were just extra guys.  Cameron never saw the field of play; Gay punted high but short in limited game action.  K Morgan Lineberry wasn't going to unseat incumbent Graham Gano.  As well, LB Ryan Rau, CB Nick Hixson, and vet S Ricardo Silva weren't threats to take jobs.

Justin Walls might've had a legitimate shot at G, where the team's a mess; the problem is, Walls couldn't help either.  The only interesting 'cut' was DE Louis Nzegwu, a top notch rusher who hasn't shown any ability to stop the run at a position full of two-way ends.

Waived/IR so far includes OT Bruce Campbell, WR Kealoha Pilares, and FB Michael Zordich.  Zordich probably was headed to the practice squad; Campbell was needed depth at OT.  Pilares hasn't shown enough, and the former draft pick wasn't in the top 5 WR, so the injury probably gives him another year to get better.
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