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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Some Coaches May Have Tenure

For all the potential of the 2013 team, there's still that feeling that, a year into the Dave Gettleman era, everyone should be renting, not buying.  Almost everyone at CB, S, and WR are on one year deals, and most of the key contracts from 2011 are cuttable in 2014.

On a team with up to 7 openings on the coaching staff, most of those jobs were filled by young, inexperienced coaches.  There were rumors that coaches were scared away by one year deals, though that was refuted by the team.

And I've gone over why Ron Rivera is essentially on a one year deal.

But, with some coaches stepping onto the field for Carolina for the first time Friday, there's an amount of tenure to be had.  

For one, a lot of the coaches coming in this year may, in fact, have more than one year on their contracts.  And some have legitimate ties to the team that transcend the current staff.   It's not out of line for the new coach to interview existing coaches if they fit, but these guys all seem destined to stay around no matter what happens overall.

*Ricky Proehl
       Fans can't be any more excited about Greensboro native Proehl being a fulltime position coach.  But it's being backed up by a sideline presence and a product on the field.  Proehl has gotten rave reviews from everyone from Steve Smith on down.  If Rivera isn't here, Proehl may be a guy that the team tries to slip into the new staff in some form.

*Ken Dorsey
       The former Brown and Hurricane would be wanted by Rob Chudzinski if available, and that's logical (the Browns roster of coaches has a ton of Panthers alums, including the four that were on staff here last year, but also Ken Flajole and Brian Baker, two other guys I've liked).  The Browns even have QBs coach unlisted and unfilled as of now, assumedly just using Norv Turner in the role (which is archaic). But, the team fought to keep Dorsey assumedly, when he was brought up from scouting to coach.

For that reason, and some level of natural ability, Dorsey probably signed a multi-year deal.  If the team has any level of continuity to the next offense, Dorsey seems like a good coach to keep.

*Al Holcomb
        The former Giant assistant is a tireless worker, and a guy who clearly got a push in from Gettleman to come aboard.  While coaching the talented group of Carolina LBs is not the hardest job in the world, he'll likely get more time to prove himself if the team moves on.

*Jim Skipper
        I was honestly surprised the team didn't retain him.  Sure, he'd have left with John Fox if he could've - the Broncos were intent on keeping Eric Studesville after he was interim head coach the year prior.  But the backs live and die with Skipper, who has head coach and coordinator history.

On the back end, I could completely see Ron Rivera starting anew as someone's DC, and having Steve Wilks, potentially Sean McDermott, and certainly Eric Washington as his position coaches.

That said, this is an emergency condition for these guys.  No one inside the stadium has any intent on going anywhere or failing in any form.  And I'm not looking forward to any level of that failure - past that I genuinely like what Ron Rivera's doing.  I don't want the guy to get fired.  But, the mind wanders, and I'm excited about the above couple of guys I listed.
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