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Friday, August 23, 2013

Mitchell's Gaffe, Good For Mikell?

Carolina anticipated that Mike Mitchell would be their starting SS.

They knew he'd be a loose cannon, but when he was flagged for another
personal foul in preseason, they determined he might be done. Mitchell
was immediately benched and only came back in with the backups late in
the game.

Which raises two questions. Does he even stay on the team, and if
not, does the team really want Haruki Nakamura starting by default

In my opinion, if Mitchell isn't starting, he might not be here. The
vet money could possibly be used elsewhere, and while Mitchell is a good
ST player I don't know that the team isn't fed up with him. As a
backup, he might be cut.

Which helps solve the other half - Nakamura. If the team drops
Mitchell, they might look to Mikell.

I don't think you're dying to have any opening day starter be a guy you
pick up at this time of year, but Mikell appears to remain an upgrade,
and he knows the defense. The 32 year old Mikell was a career Eagle
when he signed with the Rams in 2011, so he's familiar with both Ron
Rivera and Sean McDermott.

Mikell plays well in the box, tackles well, and doesn't make stupid
mistakes. Carolina, so far, hasn't been interested in spending the $10
million and change they've stockpiled. If Mikell is desperate to keep
going, skipping camp and getting the vet minimum would mean that it's a
zero-sum exchange for Mitchell. But if Mikell requires $2 million,
you're still only adding roughly $1.25 million to the equation (Mitchell
makes $725k).

That's what I'd do at this point, anyway. Mitchell is a talented young
man, and the team appears done with his nonsense. So this is the way
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