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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kearse, Adams Cut

2012 draft pick Joe Adams, one of that draft's best returners, has been
cut, along with undrafted pickup DT Frank Kearse.

Adams had shown very good return skill but was benched midway through
2012 due to fumbling issues. Without having played WR in any game this
preseason, and while a good returner he wasn't going to be as good as
Ted Ginn, Adams just didn't have a spot on the team.

Which returns to the odd nature of having continually drafted WR since
2010 - 5 total through 2012. I know that, had Carolina dropped a couple
of those 4th/5th round picks on offensive line, they might be in better

Kearse was picked up mid-2011, after being a 7th rounder that year for
Miami; he started four games that season before backing up most of 2012.
Another guy in a numbers crunch, Kearse was an allright backup who
apparently wasn't in contention for the 4th DT spot behind the bigger
expenditures that will make the team.

Not sure if more moves are coming. Certainly, some of what's left will
play in game 4 against Pittsburgh Thursday, and will do so just to
fulfill the NFL's obligation to play a game that night. I don't, for
instance, think that Joe Adams was cut to have Brentson Bersin make the
roster. But some guys will legitimately find their way toward a job
that night, and some will be starting over.
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