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Friday, August 30, 2013

It's Just Preseason, But:

The defense showed a lot of pressure, and not coincidentally, a lot of
turnovers were caused.

Carolina has done a good job the last few years of forcing fumbles, but
the interceptions didn't come. Without looking, I count 8 this

They did pile on the pressure, with or without the starters; Carolina
got sacks from their rookie DTs, a good sign to add to Dwan Edwards' 6
inside last year. They've already cut preseason-leading Louis Nzegwu,
but Wes Horton looks like a guy who they might sneak to the practice

It's a good sign to have added the INT, and the overall playmaking, to
the defense. It's a D that will, inevitably, give up some yards as it
gets more agressive, but it's a good start to see the pressure and the
made plays.

Now, if we could only say that about the offense throughout the same
preseason, we might have something.
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