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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Geoff Hangartner Cut

In a surprise move, G/C Geoff Hangartner has been shown the door a week
into camp.

The vet, drafted in 2005, left after 08 and returned to be a starter in
2011 and 2012.

I was recently critical of him, but apparently it's finally time to see
if they can do better than him for the $1.5 million he's due.

Hangartner, as a backup, would've been ideal. Time at C and G, veteran
experience. But he wasn't, and now a move has to be expected; there's
no way that they make this move without expecting to get better somehow.

I wrote earlier today about potentially dumping Garry Williams to get
someone; maybe the team has chosen to do that with Hangartner instead.
The team needs an upgrade either way, however. Outside of the
previously mentioned Travelle Wharton (who hasn't played the right side)
and Brandon Moore (it appears the retirement rumors are untrue), I don't
know who to mention just yet. I will say, it appears the team does like
Jeff Byers as the backup C, at least, so that helps him make the team.
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