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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Domenik Hixon: Disappointing?

Grain of salt on this one, since most of this is coming from the media
pushing the Ted Ginn Family because he's an exciting story. Thoughts on
Domenik Hixon have mostly come from fans, and in that format, it's
always tougher to judge the bigger receivers. Hixon is that guy. And
for what it's worth, there isn't a lot of positive press on Brandon
LaFell right now, either.

But, reports of sloppy routes and a lack of chemistry with Cam Newton
have seemingly put Ginn ahead of Hixon, at least in what fans have
stated. I don't know what that means, or if it'll stick. I don't know
if that means that Ginn is excelling (the last few days, he's had too
many drops) or if Hixon isn't on his game.

With the Giants, he was a consistently very good receiver. Last year,
many metrics put him on the same level as Steve Smith. He's a very
talented player - one that's been hampered by injury, not by lack of

Hopefully it's just an adjustment issue, and that he'll show up. The
team needs his presence as a successful WR, especially at his per-game
roster bonus cost.
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