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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Captain Munnerlyn Jokes

Captain Munnerln is an easy target for jokes, even if he stepped his
game up last year to be a less easy target for opposing quarterbacks.

Last year, players took Munnerlyn's locker nametag and applied it above
the short urinal, a tweet releasing it to the internet.

Ron Rivera even threw in a small comment earlier in the week, and then
called Munnerlyn a "little yippy dog" regarding his involvement in a
training camp fight. Rivera regretted it, but that's just how it goes
for Munnerlyn. He's a key cog in the defense, while others tower over

Munnerlyn stated that Drayton Florence, the other expected starter at
CB, reminds him of Chris Gamble. High praise in my opinion, in my
opinion. Praise I hope rings true - because that would be a boost to the
team for Florence to be an able, crafty defender on a team that needs
craftiness (and size).

Which brings me to the Captain Munnerlyn joke I'll throw in.

Florence reminds him of Gamble, because he can't see that far up.
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