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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beason Voidable?

There's rumbling about Jon Beason being back on the field, and Ron
Rivera appears excited to use him. Which is great.

There are also reports that Beason's restructuring essentially
guarantees his contract voids after the year. Which might not be great.

I don't know if it voids. I'd heard Jordan Gross', which voids, was
triggered for next year but didn't void it until '15. Even Gross
suggested next year was up to the team, not him. A voided contract
means the remaining bonus proration would spill into next year

Some of these contracts, Beason's included, would be cheaper to cut
next year than they have been. Pushing new bonus proration into future
years, I don't know that helps. Really, it almost universally doesn't.

And the problem I'd have with Beason, Gross, and many others having
voiding contracts? It's pre-planned obsolescence. It really doesn't
even matter what they do this year. They don't have to earn their
contracts - they already took a cut, and they assumedly just won't be
here next year.

Not really sure what to think of that, or why that has happened this
much lately. I don't have a solid picture of '14 anymore, but clearly
Dave Gettleman has something planned for '14 that requires a pre-planned
gutting of various players.

That, coupled with a few other things in the offseason, Ron Rivera's
constant last-chance job status, and the team's recent disappointing
showing (in a meaningless preseason game) v/s the Eagles, really opens
up a possibility in my mind that '13 is a lame duck year for almost
everyone on the team.

That's not an incredible feeling.
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