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Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Quick 53 Before The Game

Carolina plays tonight, preseason game #4, in a game that's more about
the final roster spots than the opponent or its scheme, coaches,
players. So that part I'm going to skip.

It's a crucial game for Domenik Hixon, Armanti Edwards, David Gettis.
It appears that Nate Chandler will get a good, long shot at seeing if he
can improve on run blocking (he appears to actually be doing a good job
with pass blocking).

I'll start with a final 53 and then discuss as I go.


QB - Newton, Anderson

I don't know that the team does or doesn't keep Jimmy Clausen, but
almost arbitrarily I've chosen that another player is in the mix
instead. There hasn't been a positive for most teams to keep a 3rd guy
they're not intent on developing, and Clausen is not a guy they're

RB - Williams, Tolbert, Barner

Brockel can play FB, so I have him listed below but his value may be
with the backs. Three total RB isn't enough - but Jonathan Stewart is
coming back eventually and I don't know if Tauren Poole is worth keeping
for 6 weeks as insurance. He's a good player who isn't above

TE - Olsen, Hartsock, Brockel, Williams

Keeping four is possibly too much. The team likes all four, Brockel
fits the dual role.

WR - Smith, LaFell, Hixon, Gettis, Ginn, Edwards

I'm keeping six here simply out of merit, I don't know that they'll do
it. Each of the four backups has a doppelganger in role/ability.

OT - Gross, Bell, Chandler
G - Wharton, Silatolu, Williams, Scott
C - Kalil, Byers

The backup tackles are the starting guards in this scenario, leaving
the team to provide the last guy in Chandler, who might not dress.
Byers is a good interior backup, Silatolu would inevitably play sometime
this year when healthy, and Scott seems to be a guy they like. You
could interchange Scott/Chandler with waiver pickups or other guys on
the roster, however.

15 skill players, and 9 linemen. 26 is a little heavy for offense, but
at unsettled spots on the line and WR, I don't think they're done
settling into roles.


DT - Lotulelei, D.Edwards, Short, Cole
DE - Johnson, Hardy, Alexander, Addison

Short and sweet, this is what I'd expect. This is a solid group.

LB - Kuechly, Beason, Davis, Blackburn, Klein, Senn, Williams

Three starters, two likely 2014 starters, two special teamers. No
worries here.

CB - Munnerlyn, Florence, Thomas, Moore, Norman

No surprises here.

S - Godfrey, Mitchell, Nakamura, Jones

I really don't project anything out of the norm here. DJ Campbell gets
cut, but they have more talent at CB in a league that requires it.

Specialists - K Gano, P Nortman, LS Jansen

No real comments, but I wanted to note the improvement in both Gano and
Nortman, two big-legged kicking specialists who look like they've
figured it all out to a point.

By the numbers:
O - 26
D - 24
ST - 3

Overall, not a lot of changes on defense - normally there'd be an extra
DL, maybe an 8th LB, but the D gets shorted two players compared to the
O in this case. In my methodology, I would have had to pick between DJ
Campbell and David Gettis, and I can see making the opposite argument
(+special teams, +future contract).

Practice Squad -
DE Horton
WR Bersin
S Campbell
OL (outside pickup)
OL (outside pickup)
DT (outside pickup)
CB M. White
RB Poole
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