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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Rolling Along

So we've collectively made it into July - so we're almost there. It's
been a long, mostly eventless summer outside of a week or two of bargain
spending on DBs and WRs, and a few days' worth of drafting some size and

But now, camp starts in three weeks. Fanfest (8/3) is exactly a month
away, so the first preseason game is five weeks away.

Most of what's going on lately includes the sort of pre-pre-season
fluff that includes supposedly heartwarming stories about this player or
that player who's local or a newcomer with an interesting story. But,
occasionally something squeaks out from the media (and, of course, not
the locals) that's interesting enough, so I'm sharing this:

The shotgun/under center stats are interesting (and the reasoning up
for grabs based on situation and circumstance), but I like the bit where
Don Shula is in on the conversation.

Yes, absolutely - Don had a few of the better quarterbacks in NFL
history, and a former Bills fan might say that Don just dealt with what
he had instead of being responsible for a Marino or Unitas, but that's a
pretty cynical approach. There's no doubting that having the elder
Shula consult for a few moments would pay dividends in the long game, a
consistently under-rated part of Newton's game.

It's harder to say that it will matter; it's also hard to say, yet
again, whether the tremendously conservative approach will work with a
dynamic player like Newton. It's a near make-or-break season for both
Newton and the team; much of the team is essentially on one year deals
(or become very cuttable in 2014) along with the coaching staff. Newton
himself is eligible for contract renegotiation after the season.
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