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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Still No Movement With Vets

Carolina brought in a few veterans recently - notably, G Travelle Wharton and S Quintin Mikell, both of which have experience in their respective units' schemes and coaches.

But no moves have been made.

So far, there's room for Mike Mitchell to succeed at safety, and recent fluff pieces suggest it could be happening.   There are no fluff pieces on the right side of the Panthers' OL, and the team has no depth at all.  So maybe Wharton wouldn't be a bad idea.

Brandon Moore, the best guard available and a guy with right side experience, is reportedly retiring.  I missed where Eric Winston is a Cardinal now, too.   So the options are starting to dry up.

The team might have a shot at Wharton or Mikell as needed in the next few days, maybe even weeks.  I'm sure there's a part of the camp hustle that the pair of 32 year old players won't miss.  But with over ten million left in cap room, nothing's happening.
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