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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rosario Out: Pianalto In

Nelson Rosario, a project from last year at WR that bulked up to 245 lbs to play TE, has been released. UNC alum Zach Pianalto is his replacement.

Pianalto, a 6'4 end from the 2011 draft class, was undrafted; he made the Bills' 53 man roster for a few days, spent most of that season with the Buccaneers, and went through the offseason with the Steelers.

The book is out on Pianalto - some find him marginal, some find him having had a fantastic college career that constant injury hampered from being incredible.  He seems to be a passable blocker and receiver in my book, but isn't anything spectacular athletically.

With the 3rd TE spot up for grabs, Rosario was apparently not making ground.  Former Oregon star Brandon Williams, whose career was altered significantly by an auto accident, might have the early lead for the 3rd spot, but the team likes the versatile Richie Brockel as well.
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