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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Quintin Mikell?

That's what I get for starting to pay attention, out of the blue,
safety Quintin Mikell is in talks with the Carolina Panthers.

You won't hear about this story without hearing about the dearth of
talent in the Panthers' secondary - that it's Charles Godfrey and a
couple hopeful names, but nothing substantial, next to him. It feels
worth skipping past that under the assumption that yes, Carolina has
safety issues.

The 32 year old Mikell was a career Eagle when he signed with the Rams
in 2011. So he'd spent plenty of time under Sean McDermott- including
being All-Pro in 2009, McDermott's first season as a coordinator in
Philly. Now that was at 28 - not his current 32. But apparently
Mikell was a fantastic Ram last year and may not have deserved to be
cut, and at best seems to be the victim of his own contract.

A good in-the-box safety, Mikell isn't huge (5'10, 205), but is a
fairly sure tackling safety with good ball skills. has him as their 5th best safety last year. He had
75 tackles, 3 sacks, and 9 QB pressures last year moving forward. His
deeper stats weren't great - 0 INT, 4 forced fumbles, and 2 PD, but PFF
grades him well in coverage.

He'd definitely be an upgrade in the box, and it's hard to say anyone
Carolina has would be better in coverage. He's been reliable, missing
3 of the last 158 games he could've played in.

It'd probably cost the team $3-4 million. They currently have some
room to make such a move, if it's a one year deal. But past that, it's
hard to say.

It's interesting they're after Mikell this late in the game, but
interesting he's still out there, too. Will be interesting to see how
this one turns out.
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