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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Should Godfrey Get Handed A Job?

Charles Godfrey has always been under the gun, having the necessity of
moving positions upon being drafted and getting labeled with Mike
Minter's #30. It's set unrealistic expectations - especially since, as
good as he had been, Minter's own performance was overblown over time.

He looked like he was starting to get it in 2010 with 5 INT; he was one
of many players on defense that rose to the occasion despite a horrid
offense giving them limited opportunity. Like many players at that
point, Godfrey got paid, and of that group, Godfrey's been one of the
lesser performers despite being healthy.

Ron Rivera suggested this week that the jobs in the secondary minus
Godfrey's were up for grabs. While I know that most of the competition
was thrown at SS, and Godfrey was installed at FS - which might be a
better fit, and definitely puts the experienced guy in the secondary in
a leadership/signal calling role, I disagree that the job should be
handed to him. If for no other reason, symbolically I don't believe
he's earned what he's been handed - not #30, not that fat contract, and
not a guarantee that he won't be ousted.

Opinions vary greatly on Godfrey. Most fans can't stand him, and yet
plenty of analysts love him. I remember Bill Polian going to bat for
the guy hardcore, and others have had praise as well. There's no doubt
he can make plays, but a supposed ballhawk with corner skills like
Godfrey seems to miss a lot more than he makes the big play. He's
never defended 10 passes in a season, and he's averaging just over 2
picks per season. It's just not enough.

So, there's little satisfaction to be had, and I've dumped enough on
Godfrey. In the end, he'll probably be the best DB on the field, and
it's not his fault he's never been challenged. But for six years
running, he hasn't been. And that needs an eventual remedy.
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