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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Aging DTs

It might be useful to wait for every puffed-out Panther to add to the
daily discussion on Carolina potentially having the #1 defense before I
address it - if I do - but I thought it was interesting that Chris Canty
reiterated that he wanted to be here in Carolina, and was forlorn that
nothing happened.

Which, lacking actual news, made plenty of people forlorn.

For one, I don't care if anyone grew up in Charlotte. Charlotte's not
Los Angeles or Las Vegas - there's not some massive badge of honor of
not being a transplant here. Past that, it's not something you make
business decisions on as a team. If that motivated Canty, great, but
it's not great business for him either; I like to see interest in the
team, because I don't believe everyone shares that interest. But saying
you'll give a hometown discount, and then making that happen, are two
different things.

I don't want to give a terrible impression of Canty, or not wanting him
because he wasn't signed here. The end result is that he might be
better than Dwan Edwards, but in a lot of ways, they're comparable.
Edwards, for what he produced, was signed to a reasonable lowball offer.
Edwards had plenty of chances to walk from the offer, and I doubt it
changed a whole lot. But he was a good deal, and the hope is, he'll
stay productive without as many snaps needed (especially against the
run, if I'm wishing).

Is Canty that much more expensive (3 years, $8 mil)? Not especially,
but it's clear that Carolina wasn't interested in going to 3 years on
either 30+ year old DT. Canty's year 2 and 3 salaries make up the
difference, and they weren't interested in the addition. So it's tough
for Canty to have regrets that he'll be on a contender, being more
highly paid.

Adding Canty to Edwards would've made no sense; Canty instead of
Edwards, that might be an upgrade; it might not be. You'd need to put a
lot into DT regardless of either, and it wouldn't have kept Carolina
from drafting two.

As well, Dave Gettleman had inside info on the former Giant, so it's
not an uninformed decision. Was it the right one? Hard to say, but
it's not worth getting upset over.
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