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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Still A Rush

My world is as often Bubble Guppies as it is War Eagles on fall
Saturdays anymore. Though football is my only sport, anyone who somehow
dilligently reads this terribly named blog knows I can get deep into the
sport and the team. That time, of course, has gotten more scarce over
the last few years, with the little addition to my own team.

It's tough now. It's hard to say that I had as much time as I wanted
to see prospects with my own eyes. I clearly missed on a couple of guys
that I would've been happy with the Panthers' 2nd, for instance. I had
only really studied one player we ended up with.

But there's no doubt - the draft is as big a rush as ever. No matter
what happens - rumors, players picked right before you, twitter
spoilers* - there's nothing like the rush right before a pick. Almost
infinite possibilities, with a clock running and your team's future in
the balance.

*I personally loved this. I know plenty of people railed against
twitter spoilers of draft picks, but at certain points, twitter was two
picks ahead of TV. I know TV is about production value, but TV's going
to have to stop milking every second out of it.

Now, unlike the last few years, they went with the guy's name I was
screaming at the TV (that, yes, I realize is indifferent to what I'm
saying, and that can't convey that information to anyone who might
care). 2011, 2012, I started out reacting horribly. I didn't want
those players...those players that form a young core of talent and that
are the team's biggest stars. Which hopefully doesn't doom Lotuleilei
- that both I and the team like him. But it goes to show that the rush
is worth the wait, and that if the name you hear isn't your guy, it can
still be allright.

So, I can't imagine a lot of people are unhappy about Lotuleilei, but I
can understand a difference of opinion after that; Short was a
strategic pick, but by definition isn't really a "starter" yet, where
Dave Gettleman promised a pair of those. Eschewing the OL that tended
to be a consensus want after Star, they went for a project in the 4th
that makes a lot of people want to write it off just because Amini
Silatolu's pro tape isn't the same type of Snuff Film type blocking that
it was in DII.

And it's hard to completely argue against people being unhappy with LB
or RB picks on teams that have tons of talent (for now). Fans
definitely see different value, and different necessity, at times.

And that's without going into those nutty fans that were so rabid about
picking a WR in the first 50 (much less the exceptional zeal of those
that wanted two!).

But, you never know. And as much as the rush of the moment around the
pick is important, don't forget that the possibilities don't end there.
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