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Monday, May 13, 2013

Keiser, 4 Others Cut

DE Thomas Keiser, a 2011 surprise after the draft, has been let go,
along with 2011 6th round pick Zack Williams, and undrafted rookies
Damario Jeffery, Taylor Cook and Trey Diller.

Keiser's '11 started on the practice squad, but had him notching 4
sacks and an INT during that season. As the team kept stocking ends and
Greg Hardy grew (potentially and literally), Keiser's already topped out
ability kept sliding.

Zack Williams was an early scratch based on injury, hurting himself
early into 2011 training camp. Carolina had still never really seen
much of what he had been able to provide, and now cut ties.

The other three were post-draft additions that apparently didn't have a
good enough rookie camp. Carolina has the option of signing some of
the tryout players that were brought in, at a similar cost.
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