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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Front Office Changes/Additions?

Now that the draft is done, it's technically the start of the scouting
year. While GMs are most often hired in January, a lot of staff changes
happen now - May.

New GM Dave Gettleman is a pretty open guy (as is coach Ron Rivera),
but the team in general remains a pretty limited vessel of information.
So, I don't expect much info on anything, even if a lot did happen.
It's actually quite tough to even access a full list of scouting for the
Panthers, and it's certainly not on their website. A look from a
magazine I saw in the offseason did suggest more scouts than I expected,
but absolutely nothing on the level that the Giants have.

Gettleman has said that he likes the team he has under him. I don't
think that's changed, so I doubt there will really be firings. But, if
there's ability, I'd look to see some additions.

*I'd specifically see about adding two scouts (assuming it hasn't been
done, with the secrecy) to replace Ken Dorsey, who's moved to the
coaching staff. Dorsey was a pro scout, and replacing him would give
the team four.

*I'd add two more national scouts to the college staff.

*As I said when I last talked organization, I'd add an assistant GM,
though I don't know how likely that is.

*and while it appears that Brandon Beane (administration) and Rob
Rodgers (cap/contracts) have been investing time in new metrics, I'd
definitely hire a full-on Information guy, a sabermetrician to work with
the pro staff. The NY Giants have a guy for that, plucked from
basketball, who does nothing but analysis. Agents and players are
starting to use it - so while it's an effective tool for the field, it's
getting to be a bigger part of the off-field equation as well.

If you've read my past rantings on the front office, I haven't changed
my tune. I'm always for more scouting, more information. So hopefully,
if any changes are made, it's in that direction. And if it's going to
happen, now's the time.
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