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Friday, May 17, 2013

Draft Picks Signing Soon, Other Changes?

With the Deangelo Williams re-structure comes additional money. $3.2
million leaves Carolina with an estimated $8.4 million to mess with,
$4.3 million of which will inevitably go to draft picks. The team seems
unlikely to push a lot of money into veterans from here out - the $4.1
million left will not go that far and there's a feeling that the team
will try to carry over to next year as much of that as they can.

But, at the least, there's enough room to sign picks and still have
reserve, a nice luxury compared to where the team started the offseason.
Other teams are signing their picks, with many being nearly done.
Last year's team signed fairly early, too. It's not necessarily a thing
done to prepare for training camp anymore, it's something done as often
while players are at rookie minicamp.

Carolina's rookie camp came and went without much information, and
without those contracts signed. But in general, holdouts are not a
worry in this CBA, and the only sticking point for prospects has been
offset language (rookie contracts are much more guaranteed, offset
language provides partial recovery if let go). So don't worry about
whether Carolina's behind other teams for contracts that will obviously
be signed - it's more that these should happen soon, than worry over
whether they'll happen soon.

The other part that could be found as change? Front office. Dave
Gettleman has made no bones about his want to keep together the staff in
place for Carolina. It appears that front office and scouts are all
more or less safe. Auxiliary guys like Rob Rogers and Brandon Beane
are still around - not that they don't deserve to be - despite having no
real experience outside this team.

All of that said, I'll stand behind my want to emulate more of the
Giants way of doing things, and that it's feasible. Even if you're not
borrowing from Dave Gettleman's last job, I'd want there to be more.
And I've run those ideas nearly into the ground a couple times - I don't
know that Carolina would ever hire a direct metrician like a Director Of
Statistics, and I don't know that an assistant GM is in the cards,

But the team does have room to grow, and now's a great time to get
people. Various staffs are in flux across the league. There are
talented personnel men looking for new opportunities, and others that
have recently been let go of important positions that would look to land
at a lower level that may be willing to take a lower station. It might
be time to grab a former personnel executive and add to the current
staff, for instance. That's not replacing anyone - just adding to it.
I feel like that fits in with the vision Gettleman has. I feel like
that leaves room for the existing staff to continue to produce and

I'd definitely still be in favor of adding more national college and
pro scouts, and adding a few new positions in the front office in any
form. If that were to happen, now's the time.
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