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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bottom Roster, New CBA

Dave Gettleman's talked at length about the bottom half of the roster -
and there might be something to that. Suggesting the team had its
necessary stars but had to build depth, he's worked on that in many
places. Whether it ends up working is harder to say.

But the bottom of the roster is so much more competitive than in the
old CBA. Used to be, if you were a draft pick, you were in for a
couple years, and not necessarily at this point. Your undrafteds
generally got a full camp to learn and work in the past, but Carolina's
already cut three. Workout players - guys who at least have a full
camp on their hands already, and time to learn from their mistakes -
come in, get to be side by side with the youth. And then they might get
your spot instead.

The days of being signed in May meaning you'd make it to August with a
chance of September? They're gone. The 54th man on the roster still
has a better shot than the 90th man, that won't change. But it feels
like from 65-90, those players are suddenly a lot more disposable.

The upside is, more players will get a chance. But you've gotta be
ready, there's not a lot of room for adjustment anymore, learning. Even
then, it's hard to say.
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