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Friday, April 26, 2013

Philosophy at 44

I'm overthinking this for the ideal of a pick that still has up to 12
hours to materialize, but the Panthers' 2nd pick, 44th overall, has me
excited. After grabbing Star Lotuleilei, it's that rare feeling that
anything is somewhat possible thanks to the failure of other teams.

So, at 44, I don't think it's a surprise that I'm thinking OL. And
that's where the philosophy comes into play.

In my opinion the choice, should the Panthers have just such a luxury,
would be between UK's Larry Warford and Alabama's Barrett Jones.
Depending on who you ask, Jones isn't rated that high, but he's the
other right guard I'd consider.

Warford is the massive RG you might expect at this level. He's
athletic, but he's a pure drive blocker. Jones, who some say is
limited athletically, is more the zone guy (but still, don't sleep on
his drive).

Jones wasn't too athletically limited to win the Outland as a left
tackle, and if he'd stayed there and not been hurt at center, he'd
probably be off the board. And two of his teammates, DJ Fluker and
Chance Warmack, didn't even make it to Carolina's 14 pick.

I'd be more than happy with either guy. Neither is specifically that
deficient at anything - it's not "draft the massive meathead, or draft
the unathletic smartypants." But it does offer a divining point on
what type lineman you want there, if both are somehow available.
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