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Friday, April 26, 2013

No Trades

Dave Gettleman often invokes the name of Marty Hurney.

He hasn't demonized his predecessor, and there are times within the
community where that's a rarity.
Because, let's face it, in most ways, Hurney did things in accord with
what the team as a whole wanted.

But the later trades really ran counter to that. So, that part I won't

Hurney's offseasons generally worked well when the team trusted its
board, and picked right. Case in point, landing the league's most
productive end duo in the 3rd and 6th rounds, respectively. Charles
Johnson and Greg Hardy are working out allright, you might say.

And it was a disaster when Hurney couldn't abide by that board, and
forced his own hand. Same scenario - picked in a year between those two
productive ends above, sending a future 1st for another end, Everette
Brown. Three of the last four future-pick trades have netted nearly
nothing - you have the Jeff Otah trade as the gem of that bunch, though
it's not really Hurney's fault specifically that Otah didn't stay

After Armanti Edwards ages out, the team will have only Frank Alexander
to show for all the trading, and if Hardy signs the big deal he should,
Alexander will only be a situational part of the pie.

It doesn't make it any better that it's rumored that Hurney wanted to
trade up for Jimmy Clausen once he made it to the top of the 2nd in
2010. It could've outright killed this franchise, if true.

So, let's hope that Dave Gettleman, who seems to have no part of the
future-pick trading business, sticks to that philosophy. Let's hope he
sticks to his board.
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