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Monday, April 8, 2013

No Smokescreens

I don't know that there's a lot to say about visits, workouts, and
interviews on my end, compared to the overall rumor mill. Fans,
specifically, go overboard on this bit of information - which is never
actually leaked from the team. It's sometimes direct from media, and
often pushed by scouts - what was a routine visit to Syracuse for 2-3
scouts and an assistant coach becomes "Team X is reportedly very
interested in Random Prospect from Syracuse".

I've probably said this before, but it bears repeating, over and over
again. They scout everyone. They scout RBs even though they have
backs. They scout QBs even though they'd prefer no one but Cam Newton to
take a snap for the next 13 or so years.

So I wanted to caution the fanbase - at least the ones that will
actually read this - to not get too involved in the "talked with" part
of the scouting process. They're going to interview everyone they can.
They're going to make up a draft board that has complete information.
They're not going to load WRs onto the board any more preferential than
anything else.

Which is fine. I know I have preferences (that definitely do NOT
include a wide receiver, and though Tavon Austin currently sounds like a
worst case scenario right now, I guess I could get with Stedman Bailey
in the 2nd if we draft a big man in the first, but definitely still
Keenan Allen), and I know other people have theirs. I'm convinced most
fans are WR-crazy, are convinced that a first or second round receiver
would automatically become a contributor, and if given the chance, may
very well draft two in the top 4 rounds despite currently having 4 vets
locked in and four more existing draft picks fighting for one, maybe two

So, Carolina interviewing with, or meeting with, or visiting at pro
day, is a part of their process. They scout everyone. They're not
telegraphing their intentions, or covering up their intentions. They're
not going to skip prospects at this point in the process, and unlike us,
they haven't made up their mind. They won't make up their mind until
the pick approaches.
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