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Friday, April 26, 2013

More Lotuleilei Gushing. and an aftermath

I saw a consensus "Top 254 listing" that had Star as the consensus 6th player overall.

It used 18 sites, most of them reputable.

6th player overall at 14.   So I'm kinda happy about that.  Again, I had this kid as the best defender in the draft.  I don't know how anyone can put tape of Star and Dion Jordan up against each other and make the choice for Jordan.  But someone did, so I'll shut up and live with the better player.  Thanks, Miami.

Also, while leaguewide Loeuleilei checked out just fine, I'm personally somewhat pleased with new GM Dave Gettleman saying "I'm not a doctor".  That's been my rallying cry on Star, myself.

Coincidentally, that list has, around 44, Terron Armstead (who I mentioned last post), WR Robert Woods, and Johnathan Banks.

For what it's worth, Joe Person suggests that the other two players that Dave Gettleman had considered at 14 were Tyler Eifert and Xavier Rhodes.  The "3 players" part comes from Gettleman himself, but he didn't disclose his own board.  That, of course, suggests that Sharrif Floyd wasn't a part of the discussion.  Floyd fell into the late 20s.

Gettleman turned his card in within 30 seconds, so clearly need was an adequate tiebreaker (or they had Eifert and Rhodes too high).  He definitively says that he wasn't going to consider a trade.   So I don't guess it really matters who else they had high - they made their pick.

I'll also reiterate - and gloat - everyone that worried about the WR spot.  Carolina worked out SO MANY WR. 10, I think, more than any position otherwise.  Carolina was one of TWO teams to workout Lotuleilei. Thank you, Carolina.  Thank you.  I don't have any way around it - it's been a hard day with celebratory drinks.   I like my picks like I like my women- thick but athletic.  No way around that one - I'm happy with this pick.  On to 44.
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