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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Carolina Still Has Space

Not that they'll definitely use it, but there's room under the salary
cap if Carolina requires it.

The team may be done until after the draft, or in general - and there's
not a lot of room in existing contracts to make extra space. But,
there's $6.1 million in space per the NFLPA.

I don't know if that includes Domenik Hixon - I'm going to assume not -
which puts Carolina at around $5.45 million (estimating based on what
Hixon made last year on a similar one year deal).

Rookies will take about $4.3 million of that based on my estimations.
So, Carolina may be done, or they may find themselves swapping out
players. I hate to keep beating on him, but can Carolina do better than
Garry Williams for the 1.025 million he'd save to cut? He has a roster
bonus of $100,000 as well - so depending on when that pays, he might
save more. Carolina signed no less than eight players who will be
contributing this season, for less money than that per player.

So, the room might be there for improvement. Or, this is it until the
draft. Either way, solid work so far bringing in bargains.
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